5 factors that make Italy a candidate to retain the Euro title

The Italian national team is preparing to participate in the historic 17th edition of the European Nations Cup finals, Euro 2024, scheduled to be held in Germany, during the period between June 14 and July 14.

The tournament draw previously placed Italy in Group Two, which also includes Spain, Croatia and Albania. Analysts classify this group as the most difficult of all Competitionwhich will be held with the participation of 24 teams.

Italy has previously won the European Nations Cup on two occasions. The Azzurri won the third edition title in 1968, before winning the title of the last edition, Euro 2020.

In this report, “winwin” highlights the factors that make the Italian national team a candidate to retain the continental title, which it achieved 3 years ago from now.

Italy national team coach Luciano Spalletti

The Italian national team won the Euro 2020 title, under the technical leadership of its former coach, Roberto Mancini, before the latter decided to submit his resignation and go to work as coach of the Saudi national team.

The Italian Federation contracted with Luciano Spalletti, in order to compensate for Mancini’s departure, and the local federation was correct in choosing him. The ideas of the two coaches seem similar, which represents the continuation of a journey National team Really successful.

Spalletti is known for his ideas based on the principles of possession, creating opportunities, and playing with high attacking intensity. This would make the Italian national team a strong candidate to win the European Nations Cup, especially since the team has a group of distinguished players.

The Italian national team star announces his absence from Euro football (Getty) One Win Winwin

Spalletti succeeded in leading Italy to qualify for Euro 2020, after the team began its qualifying campaign with Mancini. The European Championship in Germany will be the first major tournament played by the former Napoli coach at the head of the coaching staff of the blue team.

Featured list

In Euro 2024, the Italian national team is armed with a roster that includes distinguished players in various positions. In goalkeeping, the team has the duo Gianluigi Donnarumma and Guglielmo Vicario, and the defense line also features the rising Atalanta star, Giorgio Scalvini, and the flying left back, Federico Demarco.

In midfield, Spalletti can rely on Jorginho’s experience and the quality of Manuel Locatelli. In attack, Gianluca Scamaca stands out, who is living his best days with Atalanta, as well as Matteo Retegui, who has always been highly thought of when he participates in the Euro champions’ jersey.

Desire for compensation

The Italian national team has a great desire to achieve a new achievement in the European Championship, in order to compensate for the disappointment that the team experienced, following its failure to qualify for the European Championship. World Cup 2022.

The Italian national team players also dream of winning the country’s third title in the European Championship. They will equal the record number of times crowned with the title, which Spain currently holds equally with Germany, each of whom has 3 titles.

Combined tournaments

The Italian national team has suffered in any qualifiers it has played in recent years. We find that he failed to qualify for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals, and narrowly reserved his place in the 2024 European Championship.

The Italian national team is distinguished by its beautiful competitive atmosphere in long camps, which gives the team an advantage when it comes to competing in a combined tournament.

Local players

Italy has some professionals on its roster abroad, such as Gianluigi Donnarumma, “Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper,” and Jorginio Frilo, “Arsenal midfielder,” but the majority of the team’s players are already active in the local league.

This often results in great harmony; As players do not need a long time to reach the maximum level of harmony.

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