4 indispensable players in Petkovic’s plans against Guinea

The team is preparing Algeria To face Guinea on Thursday, June 6, at Nelson Mandela Stadium in the Algerian capital, for the third round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, before moving to the Ugandan capital, Kampala, to face the Ugandan national team, on Monday, June 10, in the fourth round.

The “Greens” lead the standings of Group Seven in the World Cup qualifiers for the African continent, with six points, after winning in the first and second rounds, respectively, over Somalia at Nelson Mandela Stadium with a score of (3-1), then Mozambique with a score of (2-0) in Maputo. Atal’s teammates aspire to record a third victory that will strengthen their lead in Group Seven.

The new “Warriors” coach, Vladimir Petkovic, is playing his first official match with the Algerian national team, after he supervised the camp last March and the friendlies of Bolivia (3-2) and South Africa (3-3), despite his recent experience with the Algerian national team. The Swiss coach settled on his tactical weapons during this stage.

“and monitors”win win“In these reports are the names of four players who form the backbone of the starting lineup for the Algerian national team in the upcoming match with Guinea.

Bin Nasser is a weapon for rebalancing the midfield

The AC Milan star missed the camp last March, and did not participate in the friendlies of Bolivia and South Africa, but he is considered an essential option that cannot be neglected, and coach Petkovic will depend on him to a very large extent during the match with Guinea, especially after the problems he experienced in the middle of the “Greens” field during the match. The two matches, which forced him to try several players and diversify his tactical style.

It was noted that during the Algerian national team’s training in the current camp, Petkovic spoke a lot with… Bin NasserHe is betting on him to restore balance to the midfield, taking advantage of the Milan star’s efficiency and his ability to play defensive and offensive roles at the same time in the midfield. He is also counting on his leadership spirit, sobriety and calmness to lead the group also from a moral standpoint.

Ait Nouri is an option with defensive and offensive dimensions

He stood out Rayan Ait Nouri Remarkably, during the last camp, it became a winning tactical card in the hands of Petkovic, who succeeded in employing it defensively and offensively at the same time. This allowed him to change the way of playing and the tactical approach without resorting to making technical changes, as happened in the last friendly match with South Africa, where Ait Nouri started the match. He played as a left-back, then became a midfield player, and he also participated as a winger.

The high technical skills of the English Wolverhampton club star will help Petkovic determine the playing philosophy he wants to rely on against Guinea, and he will not find any difficulties in changing the game plan if he is forced to change it during the match, with the presence of Ait Nouri and some other players who are able to play in multiple positions. .

Benzia is a multi-positional player to adapt to the conditions facing Guinea

installation Ben Zia (29 years old) has been the first star of the Algerian national team since the camp last March, after he scored a hat-trick and scored two goals during the friendlies of Bolivia (3-2) and South Africa (3-3), and the Azerbaijani Karabakh star provided a good performance in the playmaker positions. An outspoken striker, he also made a good impression when he played on the wing as well.

Petkovic is counting on Ben Zia’s current brilliance to win over Guinea, relying on his strong scoring sense and his high skill in creating goals, especially since the former Olympique Lyonnais star wants to prove his right to return to the Algerian national team after he was marginalized for a period of up to six full years.

Brahimi…the individual skill to serve the collective return

formed a comeback Yassin Brahimi To the ranks of the Algerian national team is a great gain, in the opinion of observers and a large group of Algerian fans, given that the star of the Qatari club Al-Gharafa combines extensive African experience and leadership qualities, both technically and morally, as evidenced by everything he presented in the matches between Bolivia and South Africa, after a long period of “exclusion” from the national team. Because of his disagreements with the former technical director, Jamal Belmadi.

Algeria and Guinea (faf) win win winwin

Brahimi provides the individual solutions that Petkovic is looking for in difficult matches, as is the case against Guinea, where the great dribbling abilities of the former Porto star can provide the appropriate solutions in order to win against the Guinean national team, especially since Brahimi, in turn, has a strong motivation to shine and respond to others. The parties that criticized his return to the Algerian national team, and attacked him forcefully under the pretext of his excessive individual play, which may become his weapon to serve the collective return.

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