4 European clubs are struggling to sign the Moroccan league star

Amin Zahzouh, the playmaker for the Royal Moroccan Army team, has caught the attention of European clubs to sign him in the upcoming summer transfer period, as he is the discovery of the Moroccan league in the current football season 2023-2024.

The 23-year-old Zahzouh participated in 28 matches this season, one round away from the end of the local professional league, scoring 9 goals and providing 10 assists, and he succeeded in spreading his football magic in a way that made a large segment of the Moroccan public consider him the best in the league during the season.

Zahzouh left a good impression in the Moroccan league with his skill, playing style, and the beautiful goals he scored. He also excelled in the way he executed free kicks, making him among the names that are close to securing a chance with the Moroccan senior national team.

3 European clubs are struggling to sign the Moroccan league star

Confirm location”Miss MercatoFrench: European clubs are interested in signing Amin Zahzouh in the upcoming summer Mercato, which may hasten his departure from the Moroccan league.

He stated that the 24-year-old Zahzouh is wanted by Real Betis and Getafe in the Spanish League, as well as St. Pauli in Germany and Olympique Lyonnais in France.

Royal Moroccan Army Team (facebook/ASFAR)

Zahzouh sparked a conflict over him between these big clubs in the old continent, in addition to the interest of one of the UAE League clubs in his services.

Zahzouh played in the Mohammed VI Academy, which created a group of stars. He also moved to French Angers and Ittihad Tawarka before signing with the Royal Army last summer.

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