4 changes in Libya’s roster for the matches between Mauritius and Cape Verde

Serbian coach Milutin Sredovic “Micho” announced Libya’s selected list for the matches against Mauritius and Cape Verde on June 6 and 15, in the third and fourth rounds of Group D, within African qualifiers Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

And he occupies a team Knights of the Mediterranean The third place in Group Four with 4 points, with a goal difference from leaders Cameroon and second Cape Verde, where the Libyan team achieved a victory over Eswatini with a single goal away from home, then tied at home against Cameroon.

4 new faces on Libya’s list

The new Libyan list, which was announced by Micho in a press conference held in Benghazi this evening, Wednesday, witnessed four changes compared to the one that faced Cameroon in its last official appearance, in the match that brought them together in Benghazi last November, where the invitation was extended for the first time to The promising striker for Asaria Club, Al-Muatasem Billah Qarfa (16 years old).

Who is the appropriate replacement for Ahmed Karaoua in the Libyan national team?  (winwin) Wen Wen

The Libyan list also witnessed the summoning of Hassan Abbas, the Al-Akhdar defender, the veteran Talal Farahat, the Al-Ittihad defender, and Tariq Bishara, the Olympic star, while the list was devoid of the presence of any Libyan professional.

“and hopes”Micho“In winning against Mauritius during the next match in order to continue his positive results and continue his successful journey with the Knights of the Mediterranean, before he visits Cape Verde on the eighth of next June.

New Libya national team list

  • Goalkeeping: Murad Al-Wahshi (Ahly Benghazi), Aseel Al-Maqsabi (Al-Nasr), Moftah Al-Darsi (Al-Akhdar).
  • Defense line: Talal Farahat (Al-Ittihad), Ahmed Saleh (Al-Ittihad), Ali Youssef (Ahly Benghazi), Abdel Aziz Al-Suwayi (Al-Ittihad), Osama Al-Sarit (Ahly Benghazi), Majdi Artiba (Al-Akhdar), Sobhi Al-Dawi (Al-Ittihad), Sanad bin Ali ( Al-Nasr), Hassan Abbas (Green), Mahdi Al-Kout (Green).
  • Midline: Faisal Al-Badry (Al-Hilal), Salem Bouchaala (Al-Ittihad Al-Misrata), Al-Muatasem Billah Qirfa (Asaria), Abdel Moneim Okasha (Abu Salim), Omar Al-Khoja (Al-Ittihad), Nour El-Din Al-Qalib (Ahly Tripoli), Osama Al-Shuraimi (Al-Suwaihli), Tariq. Bishara (Olympic), Hussein Taqtak (Al-Ahly Benghazi).
  • Offensive line: Fadel Salama (Ahly Benghazi), Mohamed Al-Tabbal (Al-Nasr), Faraj Ghaidan (Al-Taawoun), Ahmed Karaoua (Ahly Tripoli), Abdel-Maysar Abu Shaybah (Al-Ittihad Al-Misrati), Ahmed Saad Al-Jeddawi (Al-Hilal).

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