4 challenges facing the Jordanian national team before facing Tajikistan!

The Jordanian national team has intensified its preparations to host its Tajik counterpart next Thursday evening, in the fifth round For the Asian qualifiers For the 2026 World Cup.

Al-Nashama is looking forward to achieving victory by investing in the ground, crowd and technical advantage, thus ensuring that he snatches the qualification ticket without regard to the result of his last and strong match that will bring him together with his Saudi host on June 11.

The Saudi team leads the Group Seven standings with 10 points, and is on the verge of clinching its qualification, while Jordan is second with 7 points, Tajikistan is third with 5 points, and finally Pakistan is without any point.

Before the date of the anticipated confrontation, which is expected to attract a large audience, as it will be held at the jewel of the Jordanian stadium, Amman Stadium, there are 4 challenges that constitute a concern for the youngsters before the important confrontation against Tajikistan, and he summarizes them: win winwith the following points:

The Jordanian national team is racing against time to prepare its star

The medical team is doing everything in its power to secure the participation of the Jordanian national team star and French professional Montpellier Musa Al-TaamariHe had recently suffered an ankle injury with his team.

The technical staff of Al-Nashama, led by Hussein Amouta, relies heavily on Al-Taamari to implement his offensive ideas due to the player’s experience and superior technical and physical abilities.

The medical team has not yet decided whether Al-Taamari will participate in the match or not, but the player may be among the options if the match’s circumstances require him to be included.

New coaching staff

Mystery surrounds the preparations of the Tajik national team, which has just completed its training camp in Qatar, and included intensive training that contributed to improving the physical and technical condition of the players.

The Tajikistan national team will appear for the first time under the leadership of its new technical director, Gila Chikeladze, who has sought over the past few days to make changes to the list of players and modify his team’s tactical ideas, hoping to produce a positive result, at least a draw, and contribute to making it the most likely to qualify from its Jordanian counterpart.

In light of the above, the way Tajikistan plays and its style under the leadership of its new coach may come as a surprise to the coach.”starchy“, which requires caution in the first quarter hour of the match, and examining the opponent’s capabilities before launching an intense attack and determining its methods and methods.

Closing spaces

In building its attacks, the Jordanian team relies on investing space in the opponent’s defensive areas, and if the Tajikistan team intends to close them tightly and shrink in its stadium, it will pose a major dilemma for the starving team in reaching its goal, which is scoring goals, as it will be required to achieve victory only to ensure qualification and avoid complications. The mission was postponed until the final confrontation against its Saudi host.

The truth about Al-Taamari’s readiness to face Tajikistan (Facebook/JordanFootball) One Win winwin

The Jordanian national team will face difficulties in penetrating Tajikistan’s defense, which appeared strong in the recent Asian Cup, and its players possess speed and physical strength, which will force the players to find solutions that will only be through offensive diversification, dependent on the availability of tactical flexibility.

Amman Stadium floor

The Jordanian fans remember the scream made by the star of the Al-Nashama team, Musa Al-Taamari, after the victory over Pakistan by seven goals in the current qualifiers, which took place at the Amman International Stadium.

Al-Taamari’s cry included expressing his dissatisfaction with the pitch, demanding that it be taken more care of before the important confrontation against Tajikistan.

In this regard, knowledge win winFrom his own sources, the concerned authorities took Al-Taamari’s cry seriously, and worked hard over the past two months to improve the playing field.

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