3 Tunisian coaches in the Libyan League crown

The six-way stage of winning the Libyan Premier League title for the 2023-24 sports season, which is scheduled to be held in Italian stadiums starting from June 24, witnesses the presence of 3 different training schools from Libya, Tunisia and Serbia.

The Tunisian school clearly excels in the presence of 3 coaches who have chances to win the local league title in its 49th edition, namely Tariq Jaraya with Ahly Tripoli, Fathi Jabal with Al-Suwaihli, and Saad Al-Daridi with Ahly Benghazi.

While the local coach will be present through the duo, Osama Al-Hammadi with Al-Nasr and Sabri Qashout with Al-Madina, while the European school will be represented with a single seat through the Serbian coach, Zoran Manolovic, Al-Hilal coach. .

3 Tunisian coaches are in the process of winning the Libyan League title

Tariq Jaraya tops the list of coaches in the stage of winning the Libyan League title, as he dreams of leading Al-Ahly Tripoli towards retaining the Libyan League title and winning the fourteenth title in the club’s history and the third in the Tunisian coach’s career in Libya, where he owns a league title and another title in the cup tournament.

Tunisian Fathi Jabal, coach of the Libyan Swehli team

For his part, Saad Al-Dridi aspires to lead Al-Ahly Benghazi towards the fifth title in its history in the tournament and its first in 32 years, and the team has the ingredients that make it compete for the Libyan League title.

Fathi Jabal, who had an exceptional season in the Libyan Premier League, dreams of leading Al-Suwaihli to win the first title in his history in the competition and his first in his coaching career in Libya.

Although the presence of Tunisian coaches in the local league was eye-catching since the start of the Libyan League in its first edition in the 1964-65 season, only two of these coaches succeeded in winning the league championship, namely Reda Okasha, who was the first Tunisian coach to win the league title, when he led Al-Ittihad won the title in the 2004-2005 season, as the local league was held at that time in a single group system with the participation of 14 teams.

The current Al-Ahly Tripoli coach, Tariq Jaraya, is the second Tunisian coach to win the league title when he led his team to win the championship in the 2022-23 sports season, through the six-place competitions that were held in Tunisia.

Al-Hammadi aspires to win the title for the third time in its history

Osama Al-Hammadi, who is in charge of coaching Al-Nasr, raises the banner of local coaches in the six-placed championship, accompanied by his compatriot Sabri Qashout with Al-Madina.

Al-Hammadi hopes to lead Al-Nasr to win the title for the third time in its history, and also for the third time in his coaching career. Al-Hammadi – before his appointment to head Al-Nassr of Libya – won the league title with Al-Ittihad twice during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.

Sabri Qashout seeks to lead the city team to win the Libyan League title for the fourth time, but the local coach does not have much experience to reach the podium.

Manolovic raises the banner of European coaches

Serbian Zoran Manolovic, coach of Al Hilal of Libya, faces a complex task in the semi-finals when he raises the banner of European coaches against 3 Tunisian coaches and two local ones. In search of winning the first title for his club, which was founded 72 years ago.

Although Al Hilal Club is one of the most prominent and oldest Libyan club teams, it is still searching for its first title in the Premier League. The team has never won the title, and perhaps its most notable achievement is that it finished as runner-up twice, in 1965 and 2000.

It is worth noting that the six-way matches to win the Libyan Premier League title will be held in one stage, “one-leg only,” with the first-place finisher getting the title in its forty-seventh edition.

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