3 successes achieved by Hossam Hassan before his first official meeting with the Egyptian national team

Getting ready Egypt national team To play his first official match, under the leadership of his national coach, Hossam Hassan (57 years old), who supervised the team’s crossbar last February, succeeding Portuguese Rui Vitoria.

Vitoria was dismissed from coaching the Egyptian national team, after the “Pharaohs” were eliminated from the 16-final round of the 2024 African Cup of Nations, “Côte d’Ivoire”, before the local Football Association decided to appoint Hossam Hassan as head of the team’s technical staff.

Hossam Hassan launched his career as “coach of the Egyptian national team” by playing two friendly matches against New Zealand and Croatia during the month of March, while the team is currently preparing to face Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau next Thursday and Monday, within the third and fourth rounds of the competitions. The first group African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup finals.

Mohamed Salah threatens Hossam Hassan’s throne with the Egyptian national team One One winwin facebook/efasocial

In this report, the “winwin” website highlights 3 successes achieved by Hossam Hassan, a coach for the Egyptian national team, before the “Dean” played his first official match with the team.

Team unity with Hossam Hassan

With the announcement of Hossam Hassan taking over as coach of the Egyptian national team, it seemed clear that there was a state of dissension that the national team was suffering from, with regard to the unity of the players, especially between the new coach and the national team captain. Mohamed Salah.

To make matters worse, Mohamed Salah apologized for not joining the national team camp in March, with the national team director, Ibrahim Hassan, claiming that he was unable to communicate with the Liverpool star.

But the past few weeks have witnessed an important convergence of views between Hossam Hassan and Mohamed Salah, mediated by Egyptian Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhi.

Indeed, Salah joined the national team camp for the current month of June, and the team coach showed friendly dealings with Liverpool’s top scorer, ending a state of tension in the relationship between the two, which began when Hossam Hassan made a sharp criticism of Salah’s departure from the “Pharaohs” camp in the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations finals.

The state of unity in the ranks was confirmed when Hossam and his twin Ibrahim Hassan forgot their previous dispute with Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed, and included the Al-Ahly player, as compensation for the exclusion of Ahmed Abu Al-Futouh from the camp due to injury.

Support the Football Association

The news of Hossam Hassan’s appointment as coach of the Egyptian national team was met with clear rejection by some members of the Egyptian Football Association Council, but the reality is that the “Dean” was able to transform that rejection, with all the “negative feelings” it brought, into positive ones.

The new coach of the Egyptian national team showed great cooperation with everyone, and it seemed clear to everyone that he came to work for the benefit of the national team and Egyptian football in general, despite committing some “unintended” mistakes through media statements or the like.

In general, it can be said that Hossam succeeded in transforming the rejection of his person by some members of the Football Association into a state of “support” and “assistance.” Everyone hopes that the Egyptian national team will achieve great success in the World Cup qualifiers.

Return of public attendance

The Egyptian national team lived through many years of fans’ reluctance to attend the team’s matches, until Hossam Hassan came along, who stressed on more than one occasion the necessity of the national team’s fans returning to the stands.

Indeed, fans appeared in large numbers at Egypt’s two friendly matches in March, against New Zealand and Croatia, before the Federation’s Vice President, Khaled Al-Dirandali, announced that the tickets allocated to the match against Burkina Faso had been sold out.

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