3 stages of Iraq’s preparation for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

Iraqi technical analyst Ali Al-Naimi believes that the Iraqi national team’s preparatory camp for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers will be divided into 3 stages.

It is expected that the Iraqi national team will enter a training camp in Doha, in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers, which will start on September 5.

Al-Naimi said to:win win“: “The basic idea of ​​the coach of the Iraqi national team Jesus CasasThe aim of this gathering is to qualify and prepare local players first and foremost, as Iraqi clubs do not have any upcoming events in the AFC Champions League for Elite and the AFC Champions League, which will start on the 6th and 13th of next August.

3 stages of Iraq’s preparation for the World Cup qualifiers

He added: “The readiness of the Iraqi national team players before the matches against Oman and Kuwait will be divided into three stages. The first is the professionals abroad, as they will be at the peak of readiness, but they cannot be invited to the Doha camp. For example, we find that Amir Al-Ammari will be in competitive form and may have played five matches with his club Halmstad, Sweden, before the match against the Sultanate of Oman. The same applies to the players Zidane Iqbal and Mohammed Al-Taie.”

He continued: “The second phase is for the Olympic players, most of whom will join their teams after the end of the mission in the Paris Olympics, and some of them will also be in perfect readiness, such as defender Hussein Ali, who will join the national team in early September, and at that time he will have played the first round match in the Dutch league with his club Heerenveen and before that three friendly matches at the end of the preparation.”

He added: “According to the announced schedule for his new team, Como, player Ali Jassim will have two friendly matches for the first team at the beginning of August and three matches for the youth team, which means that he will be ready for the qualifiers. Also, Youssef Amin will join his club, Eintracht 1895, directly from the Olympic team, and he will be fit and available to play with the Iraqi national team as well.”

He noted that the Doha camp will be an important preparatory step for the players, Zaid Tahseen, Ayman Hussein, Ibrahim Bayesh, Saad Natiq, Mustafa Saadoon and Ahmed McKenzie, and perhaps the coach of the Iraqi national team will give them a mandatory leave after the Olympics.

Jesus Casas

He added: “The third phase of the Doha camp is for local players, i.e. those who will come from a negative rest from their local teams after the end of the Stars League, as they will join training with their clubs on the fifth of August. They are: Jalal Hassan, Ahmed Yahya, Mimi, Akam Hashem, Manaf Younis, Louay Al-Ani, Ali Kazim and Hussein Hassan. Therefore, the Doha camp will be an ideal station to raise the graph of their physical rates in addition to other tactical matters.”

The Iraqi national team will play in Group Two of the World Cup qualifiers, alongside the teams of South Korea, Jordan, Oman and Kuwait.

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