3 solutions to save the Egyptian League from endless organizational crises

The crises surrounding the Egyptian Premier League have continued over the past few days, and it has become clear to many how great the need and urgent necessity is to take a revolutionary decision regarding the local competition system for the next season 2024-25.

The Egyptian Premier League competitions are supposed to end this season 2023-24 next August, coinciding with – and perhaps after – the start of the major European leagues for the new season.

The organizational problems of the Egyptian League have multiplied, despite the establishment of a dedicated association to manage the competition. The latest of these problems was related to the list of… Olympic team Called to participate in the Olympic Games “Paris 2024”.

He was the coach of the Olympic team, Ruggero MicaleHe needed to select 19 players under the age of 23, and 3 other players over that age, but the Brazilian coach was shocked by the clubs’ refusal to release their players, because the league championship is still ongoing.

Brazilian coach Rogero Mikali, coach of the Egyptian Olympic team (twitter/EFA)

In this report, the “winwin” website presents three solutions that may make the Egyptian Premier League “not continue” until August of each year.

Exceptional season with two groups system

The Egyptian Premier League has previously been played in a two-group system, and therefore the experiences of this experience can be benefited from and built upon in order to have an exceptional and “ideal” upcoming season, before returning to the traditional tournament format starting from the season after next.

The two-group system, which includes a mini-tournament to determine the champion and relegated clubs, will reduce the duration of the Championship As a whole, this would mean that the competitions could be ended early, before the start of the next season’s competition at a normal time, i.e. in August 2025.

Exceptional season with a single round system

Another viable solution is to play the league in a single round-robin format instead of a home-and-away format. The league could choose neutral venues to host the tournament matches, as is the case in the Egypt Cup.

Like the two-group system, the “single-round” system will lead to an early end to next season’s league championship, paving the way for a safe return to the “home and away” system.

Reducing the number of clubs in the Egyptian League

The current problem can also be solved by reducing the number of clubs participating in the tournament, from 18 to 16 or 14, in order to reduce the number of rounds, and consequently reduce the duration of the competition.

But the problem is that a decision to relegate a larger number of clubs will lead to a major crisis. Therefore, this third solution can be used, starting next season.

Here, we can imagine an exceptional upcoming season, held in a two-group or single-round system, before which the clubs will be informed of the decision to increase the number of relegated teams to 5 instead of 3.

At the end of the season, there will be a league that concluded in May, with the new season’s league starting in August, with 16 clubs participating, instead of 18.

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