3 scenes from the historic coronation of the police with the Iraq Cup

Al-Shorta team won the Iraq Cup for the first time in its history after defeating Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya team 1-0, today, Wednesday, at Al-Shaab International Stadium in the capital, Baghdad, in the final match that was led by an Uzbek refereeing crew led by referee Ilchiz Tatashev.

The only goal of the match was scored by Brazilian player Lucas Santos in the 59th minute after an organized attack by the team. Green harp.

The match witnessed the expulsion of Al-Shorta striker Alaa Abdul Zahra in the 87th minute after his violent tackle on Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya defender Saad Natiq.

Santos, his teammates and the Egyptian coach entered. Moamen SolimanThe history of the police is wide open, as the team has not won the title since its establishment in 1948. The “winwin” website reviews the 3 most prominent scenes from the police’s historic coronation of the cup in the context of the following report.

Absence of Olympic stars

Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya team was not in its best form, as its most prominent players disappeared in the match (Ayman Hussein, Ibrahim Bayesh, Ali Jassim, Mustafa Saadoun, Saad Natiq) because their thoughts were with the Iraqi Olympic team and its participation in the Paris Olympics.

Iraqi police

The Falcons Quintet were supposed to head to France with the Iraqi Olympic team delegation; however, due to the final match, their trip to France was postponed, so their thoughts were in France and their bodies were in Baghdad.

Police enthusiasm

The police team appeared very prepared in today’s match, as it was on its day; from the goalkeeper to the attacking line, and we saw it at its best, especially after its morale rose as a result of its coronation with the Iraqi Premier League title a few days ago.

The work of the police coaching staff, led by the Egyptian coach Moamen Soliman, was evident in the players’ morale, especially since the enthusiasm was evident in the performance and their physical fitness was much better than the Air Force team, which appeared exhausted and distracted.

Public attendance

The most beautiful scene in Al-Shaab International Stadium was the crowds that came in large numbers from all Iraqi cities to support the two teams in the final match, as their number reached more than 30 thousand spectators.

The fans painted beautiful artistic paintings through the “ultras” and wrote motivational phrases for the players, and the police fans continued to dance and rejoice throughout the minutes of the match, while the disappointment was great and clear on the faces of the Air Force fans who lived two disappointments between losing the league and cup titles.

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