3 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Might Retire From International Football

Cristiano Ronaldo bid farewell to the Euro 2024 competitions with the Portuguese national team early, specifically in the quarter-finals at the hands of the French giant, so that the career of “Madeira missile“A painful blow, after a disappointing performance by the legendary star in the tournament.

Several voices were divided between calling for his retirement from international play and defending him, but the truth is that there are 3 reasons that make the idea of ​​the Al-Nassr striker hanging up his international boots a necessity that cannot be ignored.

getting older

After crossing the age of thirty-nine, Cristiano Ronaldo suffered from the effects of old age. The Madeira Rocket was no longer able to perform his individual dribbles, his rocket shots, or even the runs he was accustomed to through the wings.

The Portuguese star showed a clear deficit in Euro 2024He left without scoring any goal, which is something we are not used to from Cristiano Ronaldo, all of which prompted some to say that the Al-Nassr striker was a huge burden on the Portuguese national team in the tournament. It is illogical for him to continue playing until the 2026 World Cup. Perhaps it would have been better for him to leave his position for the youth in Portugal.

Poor performance in Euro 2024

Ronaldo played with Portugal 5 matches in Euro 2024, during which he failed to score goals, with only providing one assist, and receiving a yellow card, which are disappointing rates considering that he is the competition’s all-time top scorer.

Former Portugal coach Fernando Santos with Cristiano Ronaldo

The “Madeira Rocket” has an average rating of 6.9 in the five matches, which is bad for one of the most prominent legends of the game in the last decade. Also, missing a penalty kick in extra time against Slovenia made his situation more complicated, especially after he broke down in tears. A veteran captain should not put his team in an emotional spiral of tension, even though the confrontation is still ongoing.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s strained relationship with players

Despite the Al-Nassr striker’s attempts to win over his fellow players, Ronaldo has a bad relationship with other Portuguese stars, most notably Joao Cancelo, Bernardo Silva, and Bruno Fernandes.

Since the first moments of Ronaldo’s penalty miss against Slovenia, there have been many reactions to this incident, but the worst of them was what Manchester City star Bernardo Silva did, when he posted a photo with his teammate Bruno Fernandes and commented on it by saying: “With my friend, the penalty specialist (Bruno Benandes),” a post that some described as an insulting move by Ronaldo.

It did not stop there, as in the match between France and Portugal, the European Brazil got a direct free kick that Ronaldo took, but Bruno Fernandes, without any warning, shot the ball, and the camera lenses highlighted Ronaldo’s shock after this.

For his part, Joao Cancelo ignored shaking hands with Ronaldo after one of the first-round matches in Euro 2024, reflecting the great tension between the players.

Ronaldo has tried hard to please his fellow players in the Portuguese national team. He has given up all the advantages he enjoys with his country, in order to send a message that he is equal to everyone in this team, but the truth is that Ronaldo has become an outcast in Portugal, and will not have the ability to complete his career with them.

What if Cristiano Ronaldo decides to continue?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not used to surrendering to pressure. Perhaps he will continue his journey until the 2026 World Cup, in order to achieve the dream of exceeding the forty-year barrier with the Portuguese national team. It is a theory that he has talked about for years and is working to complete.

The dream of winning the World Cup title, as his traditional rival Lionel Messi did, may push him to take a risk and complete his international career, but then the “Madeira Rocket” will become even more of an outcast, and a player who will not have any basic opportunities with Portugal. Perhaps he will then be content to watch the World Cup from the bench.

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