3 reasons behind Algeria’s loss to Guinea

The Algerian national team’s loss at home and in front of its fans against its Guinean counterpart by two goals to one, in the third stage of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, left many strong and skeptical reactions about the ability of the “Desert Warriors” battalion to make its way towards qualifying for the 2026 World Cup.

Although the “Greens” are still leading Group Seven with 6 points, and with a goal difference over the Guinea national team, losing a match on their home soil and against their direct competitor for the direct World Cup ticket from Group Seven, may complicate their mission in the race to qualify for the World Cup, after they missed. For the last two editions, in 2018 in Russia and 2022 in Qatar.

“and monitors”win win“In this report there are three problems that caused the Algerian national team to lose to Guinea, and complicated the task of the new coach, Vladimir Petkovic, who was faced with the reality of the difficulty of his task, after the two friendly tests last March, against Bolivia (3-2) and South Africa (3-3), respectively. , where he lost his first official match with “Al-Khader”.

A disastrous defense line and a lot of individual mistakes

The Algerian national team’s defense line has become an obsession with the Algerian fans for a long time, due to the lack of technical options in the middle of the defense and on the right side, compared to the technical options available, for example, in the midfield and attack lines, in addition to the defenders committing many individual mistakes, which cost the “Warriors” to concede many goals. In a naive way.

“and misses”The greens“For a strong defender with leadership qualities, apart from Ben Sabaini, who carries the colors of Borussia Dortmund, the rest of the names did not provide the necessary guarantees, such as Tugay, whose level is not consistent, or Issa Mandi, who has declined significantly in recent years, without talking about the goalkeeper problem. Due to the lack of stability on a starting goalkeeper since the end of the Wahab Rais M’Bolhi era.

Despite Petkovic’s insistence on explaining the Algerian national team’s defensive problems by the issue of the commitment of all players to the defense, many analysts believe it is necessary to search for other names in the defense, and to give the opportunity to new players who may restore balance to the Algerian defense line.

The absence of technical leadership in the midfield is one of the reasons for the loss of the Algerian national team

It became clearly apparent to many Algerians during the Guinea match that the “Warriors” midfield lacked appropriate technical leadership. Regardless of the plan that Petkovic decided to rely on, the Algerian national team lacked a technical leader in the midfield who was skilled at performing defensive and offensive roles at the same time. Especially after the Swiss coach decided not to rely on Ismail Bennacer.

Randomness clearly appeared in the middle of the field, which is considered the weapon of many coaches to control matches. Neither Bentaleb, nor Zerrougui, nor Brahimi, nor even Benzia succeeded in giving balance to the midfield. Rather, the desire of each player to create play created complete technical chaos in this area. .

Many observers believe that Petkovic is required to find the appropriate combination to restore respect to the Algerian national team’s midfield, which did not appear in the desired manner despite the availability of technical options and many talented players, and this also happened even during the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations at the beginning of this year in Côte d’Ivoire, under the supervision of the manager. Former technician, Jamal Belmadi.

The pressure of the absence of Mahrez, Belaili and Slimani

The controversy that arose since the start of the Algeria national team camp regarding the exclusion of some names, in the form of Riyad Mahrez, Youssef Blayli, and Islam Slimani, to a more precise extent, put great pressure on Brahimi’s teammates before facing Guinea, especially regarding the names called to replace them, such as Brahimi and Ben Zia, who appeared at a very modest level. In front of Guinea.

Anthony Mandria numbers

All this controversy and the many questions for the coach and the players about him, each time, caused some players to become nervous, including Benzia, based on his response regarding the possibility of him replacing Mahrez’s absence, which increased the amount of pressure on them on the field, which was accompanied by fans chanting intermittently during the match against Guinea. With the names of Riyad Mahrez, Islam Slimani, and even Youssef Belaili, which contributed to the loss of the Algerian national team to Guinea.

The absence of these players was considered a trump card in the hands of the Guinea national team, according to the admission of its coach, Kaba Diawara, who spoke with great admiration about Riyad Mahrez, whom he described as a great player and an indispensable leader. These are all facts that require an urgent solution on the part of Petkovic before the next camp, to bring back… Calm for the Algerian national team.

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