3 “catastrophic” mistakes put Morocco’s Olympic coach in trouble

Tariq Sektioui, the coach of the Moroccan Olympic team, faces many problems before participating in… the Olympics Paris 2024.

Saktioui faced criticism from the sports public in Morocco, before traveling to France to participate in the Summer Olympics.

The Moroccan public is waiting for their national team to shine in this participation in the upcoming Olympic Games, Paris 2024, which will start on July 26 and will extend until August 11, after an absence of 12 years, since the London 2012 Games.

3 “catastrophic” mistakes put Morocco’s Olympic coach in trouble

Tariq Sektioui, the new coach of the Moroccan Olympic team, made 3 mistakes before participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics, which opened the door to criticism from the Moroccan sports community.

Unjustified silence

Saktiwi chose to remain silent and go through the preparation period in great secrecy, which the Moroccan public considered a grave mistake, after finding it extremely difficult to learn about the latest developments. Olympic teamAnd the readiness of his players.

The Moroccan public raised a number of questions about their Olympic team, without receiving an explanation from the technical director, who spoke to the public on one occasion, which was at a press conference when the final list was revealed.

Morocco Olympic team without defenders

Tariq Sektioui surprised the Moroccan public when he revealed the final list that will participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Saktioui was satisfied with summoning two players in the middle of the defense, namely Mehdi Boukamir, who does not participate much with his team, Charleroi of Belgium, and defender Adel Tahif, a player for Nahdat Berkane. The Moroccan national team will not find a substitute player in this position in the event of an injury to one of its main players.

Morocco Olympic team before friendly match against Ukraine

Poor coordination with clubs

Ayman El Wafi, the player of the Swiss club Lugano, shocked the Moroccan public by announcing that he would not participate with his country’s Olympic team in the Paris Olympics, due to his Swiss club’s refusal to license him to participate.

Al-Wafi posted a story on his personal Instagram account, saying: “I inform you that I will not be able to attend the Olympics due to the club’s decision, which I respect.”

WinWin learned from a special source that another player from the Moroccan national team who was called up to the final list is facing the same problem with his club, which raises the question of whether the Moroccan national team coach communicated with all clubs before calling up the players.

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