3 benefits of Iraq’s participation in West Asia for youth

The journey is over Iraqi youth team In the West Asian Youth Football Championship under 19 years (Arab countries) hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today, Sunday.

The Iraqi national team achieved victory over its Lebanese counterpart with a score of 2-0 in the third round of the group stage of the tournament, as Iraq’s two goals were scored by Helgurd Qais in minute (45), and Sidad Haji in minute (68) from a penalty kick.

With this victory, the Iraqi youth team reached five points, second in Group Two of the West Asian Youth Championship; however, this victory was not enough to qualify for the semi-finals as the best runner-up, as the Syrian team qualified as the best runner-up in the three groups, having collected 6 points.

Despite the Iraqi team’s early exit from the tournament, it achieved 3 benefits in its participation in the tournament, which we will review for you in the following report.

Gaining experience

There is no doubt that participating in the West Asian Youth Championship gave the Iraqi team players important international experience, given that the team is in the process of restructuring, especially since most of its former players were promoted to the U-23 Olympic team and the senior Iraqi team.

The Iraqi team did not only come into contact with the teams of its region, but it also came into contact with the Albanian team, which participated as a guest of honor in the tournament, and the match against them ended in a 1-1 draw. Therefore, the tournament gave the Iraqi team an opportunity to face a European team without the need for prior agreement or coordination between the two parties.

Important players

In every match played by the Iraqi youth team in the tournament, the organizing committee’s choices for the best player award in the match went to the Iraqi players, due to the high levels they presented during the matches.

In the first match against Jordan, the best player award went to player Halgurd Qais, in the second match the best player award went to player Hussein Fahim, and finally in the match against Lebanon, the best player award went to player Sidad Haji. The Iraqi team also gained a new professional player who presented his credentials with all merit, which is the English professional player from Swindon Town, Botan Amin.

The West Asian Youth Championship discovers the goalkeeper of the future

Without a doubt, goalkeeper Wissam Ali was one of the most prominent stars of the Iraqi team in the tournament, due to his high levels and his protection of his team’s goal in the three matches in the group stage. Without him, Iraq’s goal would have received more goals.

Lions of Mesopotamia

The young goalkeeper has only conceded one goal in three matches, as he conceded in the match against Albania, while he kept a clean sheet in the matches against Jordan and Lebanon. These numbers will motivate him to do better in the upcoming matches, especially since the Iraqi national team will participate in the Asian qualifiers next September.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi youth team will compete in the Asian qualifiers in Thailand for the period from the 21st to the 29th of next September, as it was drawn alongside the teams of Thailand, the Philippines and Brunei Darussalam.

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