3 Arab clashes in the results of the draw for the 2025 World Handball Championship

The draw for the 2025 World Handball Championship resulted in 3 Arab clashes, in the second, third and eighth groups. Each of these three groups witnessed the presence of two Arab teams.

The championship competitions will be held between January 14 and February 2, 2025, in a joint hosting of 3 countries (Croatia, Denmark, Norway).

6 Arab teams participate in the 2025 Handball World Cup. With 3 teams from the African continent (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria), and the same from the Asian continent (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait).

Egypt national handball team (Getty) One Win winwin

The 32 participating teams were divided into 4 levels; Based on the teams’ results in the last tournament (2023); Egypt came in the first level, while Qatar and Algeria came in the second level, and finally the teams of Bahrain, Tunisia and Kuwait were placed in the fourth level.

Based on this classification, the 2025 World Handball Championship draw was held, which resulted in 8 groups; So that each group includes one team from each level.

Algeria and Tunisia came in the second group, which also included world champions Denmark and Italy. Qatar and Kuwait ranked in the third group, accompanied by France and Austria.

As for the teams of Egypt and Bahrain, the draw placed them in Group Eight, which also included the teams of Croatia and Argentina.

The tournament rules stipulate that the teams in the first three places in the final standings of each group qualify for the main round, while the team in fourth place (last) will compete in the President’s Cup.

It is noteworthy that the Danish national team won the titles of the last three editions of the World Handball Championship, while France holds the record for the number of times crowned with the title (6).

The greatest Arab achievement in the Handball World Cup is due to Qatar achieving second place in the 2015 edition, which it hosted on its territory, while the Egyptian and Tunisia national teams achieved fourth place in the 2001 and 2005 editions, respectively.

And he won Egypt national team It ranked seventh in the last two editions (2021, 2023), and this period included the “Pharaohs” obtaining fourth place in the “Tokyo 2020” Summer Olympics.

Results of the 2025 World Handball Championship draw

  • Group A: Germany, Czechia, Poland, Switzerland.
  • Group Two: Denmark, Italy, Algeria, Tunisia.
  • Group Three: France, Austria, Qatar, Kuwait.
  • Group Four: Hungary, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Guinea.
  • Group E: Norway, Portugal, Brazil, the United States.
  • Group Six: Sweden, Spain, Japan, Chile.
  • Group Seven: Slovenia, Iceland, Cuba, Cape Verde.
  • Group Eight: Egypt, Croatia, Argentina, Bahrain.

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